Welcome To Farmers Fresh Ltd.

Farmers Fresh Ltd. is a specialized cold storage and agro-processing company established in 2014 at the largest island district of Bangladesh- Bhola. The cold storage along with the fish and vegetable processing units is established on more than 4.5 acres of land by the Bhola Canal (a branch of Meghna River) with direct road and river transport facilities to both the two major ports of the country, Chittagong and Mongla and also to the nation's capital, Dhaka.

To maintain the optimum cooling temperature and relative humidity, state of the art and latest machineries (MYCOM) &equipment are installed at the facility with adequate safety measures and green initiatives.

With 12 different storage chambers, FARMERS FRESH is able to maintain different temperature level for different products for long or short time storage. Uninterrupted power supply is also being ensured for the wellbeing of storedperishables with a main and a back-up generator. The operation is being run by highly skilled professionals with immense knowledge and expertise in their own domain. These skilled professionals along with advanced machinery &equipment are now constantly adding value to the livelihood of marginal farmers and fishermen of Bhola and surrounding districts.


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